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A Mini-Update on a Thing Called 'Life'

How's everyone doing? I'm doing quite well. I haven't had any anxiety attacks for the past month or so, which is honestly a great thing to admit. In the beginning of the semester, I was put on edge trying to maintain a perfect GPA, but of course, things don't work out so easily. There's a thing called time, which I always try to beat but that's just inhumanly impossible. Aside from the anxiety attacks, my depression isn't as bad as it was before. The only thing that I have to deal with is exhaustion. I'm literally always exhausted, even after taking hour long naps. It's something I'm trying to deal with but it's just frustrating at times, especially if I have important things to do.

Nonetheless, next Monday is the last day of finals for me. So I'll be relieved once that day comes and I'll be able to focus more on projects and my career. During this month-long break, I also plan on expanding my writing, reading, and knowledge to better myself as a person for the sake of my future. I'm excited for next semester though, I'm retaking the two classes that I failed, so once I score well in them, it'll wipe out my GPA. Meaning, I'll be off of probation (hopefully), because the way that Japanese language class is looking...

Speaking of Japanese, this Spring break I'll be spending the week in Osaka, Japan. I'm so excited since I'll be traveling out of the country for the very first time and by myself. Since I've taken the language class, I guess you could say it motivated me to take this trip. My mom also gave me the extra push to go. I'm excited to get some inspo from their views on the fashion industry and take kawaii photos of the food! 

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