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Stress Levels, Japan, Moving Out, New Projects

Hey, y'all~ I hope all is well. Things with me have been decent. I've been taking it easy on the stress levels that school has placed on me.  I've been attempting to be more active. I've been dancing again and I've taken on different projects.

From writing pitches for top fashion magazines to receiving bitchy attitudes in return. Life is great, lol. I'm alive and well. I'm taking each step with a brighter outlook towards my future. I'm going to Japan for Spring Break 2017, I'm super excited about that! Time to put this Japanese class to good use, right? Annnnnd I'll be writing for a girl power blog. Interviewing designers & stylists. Life is really great.

I'm just so blessed to be a creator. To be able to work on my craft. Yes, I'm exhausted. Yes, I have dark circles & eye bags; but it's worth it.

ALSO, I'll be moving on my own starting in August. I'm moving into a single dorm, just to get a jiff of how it feels to live alone. Adulthood is scary but so enticing.

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