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How To Deal with Sexual Assault..

you don't.

In middle school, I believe it was the seventh grade, I was sexually assaulted by my gym teacher. He was erect and touched me inappropriately. After it happened, I remember not addressing it immediately. I don't know why I was scared. I remember dropping subtle hints about it to my assigned homeroom teacher.  She then proceeded to explain to me that I wasn't the only student to feel uncomfortable around the gym teacher. 

As time went on (about 2-3 days), I told someone. That part is a blur but I do remember having a meeting with everyone. I did a Q&A with the police and everything. And you know what? He wasn't arrested and he wasn't stripped of his position. The bastard still had a job there; He still works there.

All they did was excuse my absences for about a month, I was forced to return back to his class. After the whole incident, I remember being nonchalant about it. I didn't really know how to feel. But once I went to eighth grade, I became depressed. Like to the point that I wanted to die. I've never voiced out that part but oddly enough the only thing that stopped me was going to high school. I wanted to know what it was like. I wanted the whole High School Musical experience but obviously, we do not live in a Disney-like world. My depression went away once I started, at least that's what I thought. 

Fast forwarding to now, how to deal with sexual assault? You don't. Due to being nonchalant about the assault for most of the time, I think that's catching up with me now. Nowadays I've found myself depressed but I don't desire to harm myself in any way. I find myself being more emotional after keeping in these feelings for so long. I'll be okay, everything will be okay. I'm a strong girl despite having anxiety attacks most times.

Also, I've found writing, which I do often, as a great coping mechanism. I feel at ease now, writing this out. Anyways, be sure to always stand up for yourself and kick someone's ass if needed. Things do get better!

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#TBT | New Years Eve

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Zooshoo

This photo was taken by a friend of mines during our collab NYE's OOTN video. Not only did I manage to pull through after an eight-hour shift at Dunkin Donuts but my makeup lasted almost 24-hours! Ahmazing! I also, adore this sequined dress. The original price was about $300 but I caught it on sale for $60. Did you say worth it?

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Anxiety and Depression

Illiteracy runs in my family. Most can't properly read or write.

The pressure that I get because of it, gives me anxiety. 

Which often leads to depression.

I don't like talking about my depression and no one really knows about it, except for my boyfriend.

Long story short, I'm tired of school. 

Not only do I have to deal with the pressure of finishing but the whole academic probation thing is shit.

I'm not dumb, I just rather waste my down time doing something else.

Yes, I sound lazy but I'm not.

If the courses don't relate to my English Lit major, why am I taking them? 

Money's being wasted to pay for classes to relate to other people. How dumb.

I'm over school because the anxiety and depression is uncalled for, honestly. 

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