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You Know What Sucks?

Being told that you won't graduate on time. The love-hate relationship that I have for college is something serious. I mean yes, I did transfer but all of my credits were transferable since both schools are within the CUNY system. The whole reason I transferred was to become a double major for both English lit. and communications. But the intended goal of graduating in 2018 is waaaaaaay behind now or is it? So because of the stupid policy I'm officially a sophomore in my third year of college, yippee~! Oh, it gets better because of credits and shitty courses yo home girl is on academic probation. No pressure, loljk. But I've been thinking, once I get off of probation which I'm aiming to be off by the end of this semester (Fall 2016); I'll just minor in journalism and keep English lit. as a major since I'm practically done. Though I need to get advisement before I jump!

I hate school, time to be a skripper!

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