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You Know What Sucks?

Being told that you won't graduate on time. The love-hate relationship that I have for college is something serious. I mean yes, I did transfer but all of my credits were transferable since both schools are within the CUNY system. The whole reason I transferred was to become a double major for both English lit. and communications. But the intended goal of graduating in 2018 is waaaaaaay behind now or is it? So because of the stupid policy I'm officially a sophomore in my third year of college, yippee~! Oh, it gets better because of credits and shitty courses yo home girl is on academic probation. No pressure, loljk. But I've been thinking, once I get off of probation which I'm aiming to be off by the end of this semester (Fall 2016); I'll just minor in journalism and keep English lit. as a major since I'm practically done. Though I need to get advisement before I jump!

I hate school, time to be a skripper!

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I've always allowed my anxiety to get the best of me and I think I've missed out on a lot of opportunities that way. But nonetheless, I'm extremely grateful that I've noticed that now and can make a change ASAP.

Since this past Summer as mentioned before, I've been working for a few fashion stylists. Trying my very best, I was able to push my anxiety to the side and network. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION THAT I COULD'VE EVER DONE- fyi.

Being the fashion and beauty columnist of Seoulwave is a cool title but I was lacking tremendously in this area. I thought of a few possible articles to write in terms of k-beauty and k-fashion but I had nothing. As August approached, I realized that New York Fashion Week was around the corner. I had to think fast. I came up with the conclusion of just attending shows as press. Simple and exciting! 

One of the stylists that I work closely with gave me a list of designers and it happened so fast. Seoulwave was invited to about ten shows. How amazing, huh?

Of course as time went on, RSVPs were made and confirmed. I was luckily able to attend two shows this year. It would've been more but I have to prioritize school since I'm practically on academic probation...meh.

But these kind of things are a blessing in disguise. Seoulwave sent some crew members to attend the events which made them extremely happy. It was their first time attending NYFW as well as runway shows. It made me even happier knowing that I helped contribute to their first experience.

Nonetheless I attended Korean fashion designer, Kathleen Hanhee Kye's collaboration presentation show along with VFILES at their SoHo location. (KYE + Eyeye). I also attended Spain fashion designer Custo Dalmau's Custo Barcelona SS17 runway show. I had assigned seating and I felt so fancy~ Though I've came a long way, I feel so blessed just to be attending such events. All of this hard work really does pay off but I'll tell you one thing - that's certain. I'm not even done yet, this is only the beginning!  


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Cheers to New Beginnings

(I'll be jumping around so pls bare with me)

I've started school recently and I'm actually anticipating for the future outcome of grades. So far so good; I mean- I don't work full time at Dunkin anymore. So, I can really focus on actually learning something.

This is my first time ever taking a college level language class and the thought of it's difficulty actually motivates me to study (and I never study)! Japanese is sorta easy once you know the alphabet, it seems but only time will tell as the lessons progress.

Blessing in disguise much? But I've decided to study abroad next July in South Korea and Japan. This is truly a new chapter in my life that I'm extremely excited for. In regards of this trip, I've came up with a list of goals/answers that I'll be pursuing during my journey. From the whole idea of creating a name for myself in the media coverage industry to the whole history of harajuku/j-fashion in Japan. I need to know how to get from 'A' to 'B'  and what made things, what they are. If that makes any sense?!


It's the first week of September and living in New York, that means New York Fashion Week is approaching. I've only had the chance to attend three shows about two years ago while I was interning for Rachel et Nicole. Now that I'm older and much wiser, I'll be able to appreciate this fashion season as a whole.

Being the K-Beauty/K-Fashion columnist for Seoulwave has its perks. Not only will I be attending NYFW but I'll be doing coverage on behalf of Seoulwave. Which is practice for my dream career! I'll be attending three shows (and counting) and one of the shows will be for designer Kathleen Kye. She has worked with Kpop idols such as Big Bang, CL of 2NE1, Irene Kim, HyunA, and more to list a few. Whoop!

Anyways I believe that's all for now! Until next time my friends~

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