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Thank You Summer 16

Dear Summer,

I appreciate you for once, despite the nasty humidity. Though you were emotional, you were eventful. From a brain tumor scare to coming home at 5am from partying; who would've thought?

Of course, in the process I've learned a lot. I was able to overcome somewhat of depression I had in regards of my career options. I've always had the passion to write. From poetry to writing fan fiction, it was-is something I love to do. Wanting a career in writing and connecting it with my interest for Korean pop culture, wasn't difficult. Finding the right company for me was.

I was at a disadvantage though. I didn't (and still don't) know how to speak or read in Korean. How the hell did I manage to procrastinate for almost ten years? That's actually quite scary, huh? But my desire for writing about Korean pop culture didn't stop me. I mean, I practically applied to many Korean-related news outlets, that I could.

It wasn't until mid-April, where I received an email from KpopStarz who had taken interest in me. I was shocked af because a colleague of mine told me it was hard to become a writer for them. Everything they did, or so people have said, had to be a certain way. Pure perfection. But things happen for a reason and Seoulwave snatched me up.

Working with Seoulwave has been pure bliss. Though I'm still new to the company, I didn't expect to be a media coverage writer and attend events on behalf of the company. Everything has happened so fast and I couldn't be more happier on how my career is going thus far.

I've interviewed The Barberettes, a doo-woop Korean Indie trio. One of the members wrote Lee Hi's title track "Hold My Hand" from her recent album, Seoulite. I've written coverage for South Korea's rising R&B prince, Dean; g.o.d member and soloist Kim Tae Woo, and more just to list a few.

Everything about this Summer was amazing! Not only did I join the Seoulwave team but I began my journey as a freelance stylist assistant. In other words, I would travel throughout NYC to pickup designer clothes for editorial photo shoots. On good days, when I'm not working at Dunkin Donuts, I'd help assist on shooting days. One of my coworkers jokes around about how I'm living the "Carrie Diaries' life" but I'm just exploring my options. I'm only 20, I should see what I like and dislike, huh?

Anyways, thank you Summer 16 for the experiences and eventful nights.

Until next year,
Desiree B.

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